Question: What is the LRG?

Answer: Please read the LRG Orientation if you still have no idea what the Live Recording Guide is good for.

Q: So the live recordings you list in the LRG are actually bootlegs!?

A: Well, most of the recordings we list are "bootlegs", so to speak.  Some people use the term "bootleg" for a live recording. We decided to not call it "Bootleg Guide", as bootlegs are something different to our understanding. A bootleg can be a professionally made vinyl, CD or DVD (studio/live music) that violates copyrights and is being sold by someone illegaly. The recordings we list in the LRG are usually freely available and not bootlegs! Of course some of the recordings we list have been sold, or are being sold by somebody at some point. However, you should never pay for a live recording, nor should you sell any live recordings or bootlegs, as it is illegal! We also list official RHCP recordings. - Edit: On November 22, 2011 livechilipeppers.com launched and the recordings available through that site will also be listed in the LRG!

Q: Who records all the shows?

A: Audience recordings (AUD) are being recorded by people who attend the concerts. Professional recordings are being made by TV or radio stations, if any of these get broadcast, anyone can record and share/trade them.

Q: Where do I get all the recordings listed in the LRG?

A: Most of them can be acquired by trading. You should look for someone who has the recording you want, and ask them for a trade. You then give the other person something in return. Back in the day before high speed internet was common like nowadays, people used to have trade lists, where they listed their live discs. Others could contact them and both parties exchanged discs over mail. There is a good trader's database at db.etree.org, which has a lot of traders and trade lists listed. You will find more trade lists if you search the internet. Today people usually download the shows from somewhere. - You can also purchase official live recordings at livechilipeppers.com!

Q: Can I trade with you?

A: Anton's list: www.rhcplive.tk


Q: Is there another way to acquire RHCP/JF live recordings, except trading them?

A: The LRG features lots of downloads. It mostly offers audio recordings. Another option is to try torrent sites that are for live recordings exclusively:
dimadozen, the trader's den, and zomb are probably the best sites to look for RHCP recordings.  - You can also purchase official live recordings at livechilipeppers.com!

Q: Some recordings are listed as *Not circulating*, how do you know these exist?

A: Well, I suppose we found them listed somewhere in the internet, there's heaps of dead trade lists, which have recordings listed that do not circulate to our knowledge. It doesn't mean the recording is never going to surface, you never know who else migh have a copy of it. Sometimes it can take years until any of these surface, sometimes they just won't surface at all.

Q: What is FLAC, and why do you only have downloads in FLAC?

A: If you don't know anything about FLAC google it or try wikipedia. Unlike mp3 or other lossy music file formats, FLAC keeps the quality at best when compressing the files.

Q: I recorded a RHCP show, which is not listed in the LRG, how do I get in touch with you?

A: You can submit your recording information by emailing us at headhonchos[at]stonecoldbush[dot]com

Q: Do recording guides for other bands exist as well?

A: There are several sites for other bands, that list known/circulating recordings. Most of these do list a complete tourography of their band, including recording info and so on. Following is a list of a few site's I do recommend to look at, if you collect live stuff by any of these bands as well:

The Cure CureConcerts
Foo Fighters FooFightersLive
Jane's Addiction JanesAddiction.org
Nirvana LiveNirvana
Smashing Pumpkins SPFC.org, and also SPLRA.org
Tool CollectiveUnconscious

If you have any further questions regarding the LRG, email us at headhonchos[at]stonecoldbush[dot]com, and your question might be posted and answered here.

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