Red Hot Chili Peppers - 2004-10-23 Shoreline Amphitheatre (Bridge School Benefit), Mountain View, CA, United States

By The Way
Lotta Love [Neil Young]
Road Trippin'
Desecration Smile (early version)
Brandy (You're A Fine Girl) [Looking Glas]
Under The Bridge
They're Red Hot [Robert Johnson]

 Audio Recordings (3)
 AUD #1 - Audience Audio
 Equipment:Schoeps > DAT
 Recorded by:n/a
 Notes:Equipment info withheld by taper.
 AUD #2 - Audience Audio
 Equipment:unknown mic > MD recorder
 Recorded by:n/a
 Notes:Missing one song.
 AUD #3 - Audience Audio
 Equipment:Sony ECM-957 > Sony NHF-MZ800
 Recorded by:Colin Scanlon
 Notes:This could be the source info for AUD #2?*Not criculating*

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