Red Hot Chili Peppers - 1988-04-14 Mississippi Nights, St. Louis, MO, United States

Out In L.A.
If You Got Funk, You Got Style [Funkadelic]
Organic Anti-Beat Box Band
Me And My Friends
Blackeyed Blonde
Anthony's Story
Love Trilogy
Green Heaven
Police Helicopter
Handclapping Song [The Meters]
Funky Crime
Party On Your Pussy
Skinny Sweaty Man
We Got The Biggest Cocks
No Chump Love Sucker
Jam (or Cover Song)
Hollywood [The Meters]
Get Up And Jump
Grand Pappy Du Plenty (jam)
Magic Johnson (jam)
Yertle The Turtle/Freaky Styley (medley)
Rapper's Delight (jam) [Sugar Hill Gang]
Crosstown Traffic [Jimi Hendrix]
You Always Sing The Same

 Audio Recordings (1)
 AUD #1 - Audience Audio
 Equipment:unknown mic > unknown recorder
 Recorded by:n/a
 Notes:This is taken from an analog tape, generation being ANA(2) > FLAC.
 Videos (1)
 AMT #1 - Amateur Video
 Equipment:built-in > unknown camera
 Recorded by:n/a
 Notes:Apparently there is a complete video (70 minutes) of this show out there that was filmed from Flea's side. We have no info whether this was ever transferred to DVD or not.
* Not circulating *
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